Simulation and control of electrical power stations


    • Knowles, J. B.


Simulation and control of electrical power stations

J.B. Knowles

(Engineering systems modelling and control series, 1)

Research Studies Press , Wiley, c1990

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The control systems of an electrical power station must cope with the normal changes in demand for power and with fault transients that arise locally or in the grid network. To achieve design-life and to restrict damage-progression, the individual control loops must be co-ordinated so as to prevent the violation of operational constraints during these induced manoeuvres. Due to the complex non-linear interactive dynamics, proposed control schemes can be vindicated in general only by detailed simulations of several major plant items. This book describes the underlying "physics" and simulation of the principal components of an electrical power plant with particular reference to certain types of nuclear steam generators. As well as the basic equations and their numerical solution, emphasis is given to the role of operational constraints and fault transients in determining the salient features of both the simulation and the control strategies for the plant.


  • Water-side heat transfer
  • water-side pressure drop calculations
  • heat transfer and diffusion through boiler tubing
  • primary-side heat transfer and pressure drop
  • conservation equations and water-side discontinuities in a boiler model
  • thermodynamic state equations
  • the moving mesh point solution technique
  • some fixed mesh point boiler models
  • models based on the method of characteristics
  • main pipework
  • hydrodynamic instability
  • steam drum dynamics
  • steam turbine models and control principles
  • nuclear reactor physics and dynamics
  • the UK electricity grid and some aspects of its control
  • concluding remarks and observations. Appendices: application of Smith's two-phase flow model to pressure drop calculations
  • an upper-bound for mass storage effects on the primary-side
  • Von Neumann stability of the Numel solution scheme
  • the method of characteristic lines and the stability of some numerical solutions
  • steady-state stratification in the liquid pool of a steam drum
  • drawdown with stably stratified fluids
  • stored thermal energy variations in the metal work of a steam drum and risers
  • the steady-state thermodynamics of steam turbines and valves
  • a point model of reactor kinetics
  • the multi-group neutron diffusion equation
  • a finite difference formulation of the point neutron kinetics equations.

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