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Developing applications using DOS

Ken W. Christopher, Jr., Barry A. Feigenbaum, Shon O. Saliga

Wiley, c1990

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Description and Table of Contents


The purpose of this book is to assist in the development of applications that can be run on PC-DOS. It provides guidelines for creating applications that will comply with IBM's Common User Access (CUA), as well as tips on compatibility across the IBM hardware and software product lines. The authors were responsible for directing the development of the entire DOS 4.0 product.

Table of Contents

How DOS Works. Organizing PC DOS Application Programs. Displaying Information. Getting Keyboard Data. Using the Mouse as a Pointing Device. Managing Memory. Program Operation. DOS Disk Usage. Application File Processing. Error Handling. Writing a Translatable Program. Printing Data. Interrupt Processing. Programming Considerations. Device Drivers. Appendices. Index.

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