Selling the welfare state : the privatisation of public housing


Selling the welfare state : the privatisation of public housing

Ray Forrest and Alan Murie

Routledge, 1991

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"New in paperback, with revisions 1991"--T.p. verso

Bibliography: p. 271-278

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Council house sales, a much debated issue for many years, is now a policy in the process of implementation, the effects of which are being felt in a number of areas and are giving rise to concern. This book considers the whole question of council house sales and looks at how the debate about privatization has emerged historically. It discusses the so-called "marginalization" of council house tenants and explores the impact of council house sales on the private sector, where a more complicated, more stratified market now exists. It examines the privatization of council housing in the wider context of the restructuring of the welfare state and it argues that the item of most serious concern is that many residual council tenants are also victims of the restructuring process in other ways, in that they are also suffering from the cutbacks in other services.


  • Council housing - historical roots and contemporary issues
  • the political debate
  • welfare housing for marginal groups
  • financial and electoral aspects of housing privatization
  • the spatial and social pattern of council house sales
  • the polarized city
  • contextualizing the sale of council housing
  • radical centralism and local resistance
  • rights to buy and beyond
  • selling whose welfare? - polarization and privatization.

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