Introduction to accounting for business studies


Introduction to accounting for business studies

F. P. Langley and G. S. Hardern

Butterworths, 1990

5th ed

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The text aims to provide an introductory study of accounting by explaining the basic principles and procedures and also developing an understanding of the reasoning behind them and the significance of the information produced. For students who do not plan to go beyond this stage it should give sufficient insight into accounting functions to appreciate their contribution to business affairs and their interaction with other areas of management responsibility. For others it should provide a firm foundation from which to proceed with more advanced studies. The text is also designed to be an introduction to both financial and management accounting. Whilst data collection and recording procedures are included, the main emphasis is on the preparation of accounting reports for both external and internal use and an understanding of their usefulness and limitations. The text is designed for courses such as business studies degrees, BTEC awards (National and Higher National), Accounting Foundation courses and a number of others of similar scope. Whilst the subject is developed mainly within the context of private-sector commercial organizations, the broader view of "business" is recognized and opportunities are taken to refer to, and use examples from, some public-sector organizations.


  • The scope of accounting work
  • balance sheets
  • measurement of profit
  • ledger records
  • accounting for assets
  • review of concepts and conventions and an introduction to interpretation
  • maintaining the ledger records
  • incomplete records
  • accounting for different forms of organization
  • illustrating a set of accounts
  • accounting in manufacturing businesses
  • cost finding
  • planning and control - standard costing, budgetary control
  • accounting information and decision taking
  • limited companies - further aspects
  • evaluation of accounting reports
  • accounting for different types of organization.

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