Everyday dress : 1650-1900


Everyday dress : 1650-1900

Elizabeth Ewing

Batsford, 1984

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Batsford costume paperbacks

Bibliography: p. 140-141

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This is a story told as much as possible through first-hand descriptions in diaries and contemporary writings, including accounts of shops and shopping. The clothes people wore are related throughout to the history of textiles and manufacturing. Elizabeth Ewing has written many titles on the history of the costume, including "Women in Uniform" and "History of Children's Costume".


  • Part 1 The early ways: dress versus fasion
  • materials for ordinary clothes
  • the role of the tailor
  • where to shop in restoration times. Part 2 Living in the late 17th century: the account book of Sarah Fell
  • a traveller's view of textiles
  • the importance of appearances
  • a ballad view of dress. Part 3 Moving with the times: a suit for all restoration women
  • more at ease - wigs for men. Part 4 18th century variety: boom in the wool trade
  • details in dress
  • the London shops. Part 5 The beginnings of the industrial revolution: new inventions and the cotton
  • industry - a dress revolution for ordinary people
  • shopping for a country parsonage
  • the new simplicity
  • the shawl. Part 6 Doing the sewing: the role of women at home
  • from the mantua-maker to making do
  • the reaction against home sewing
  • secondhand clothing. Part 7 Cleaning and dying: washing day, dying and colour problems. Part 8 Gradual revolution in the 19th century
  • the sewing machine
  • mass-production for men
  • slow reform for women
  • sweated labour
  • the new uniformity.

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