Interactive human resource mangement and strategic planning


Interactive human resource mangement and strategic planning

Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall and Mark L. Lengnick-Hall

Quorum Books, 1990

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Although human resources have long been recognized as being important and necessary for making a chosen business strategy work in practice, it is only recently that human resources have been viewed as an equally important consideration in choosing a competitive strategy. This book provides managers with the analytical methods and approaches necessary to integrate human resources into the strategic management process effectively. The authors supply an overview of strategic management terms and concepts for the reader who is unfamiliar with the field, provide a comprehensive guide to achieving an interactive relationship between strategic management and human resources, and include numerous case examples to illustrate key steps in the process. The goal throughout is to assist the manager in systematically considering the important questions and alternative solutions necessary to manage human resources strategically. The authors begin by explaining the rationale for strategic human resource management and outlining the potential benefits and costs of adopting this approach. They then provide the reader with an overview of fundamental concepts in strategic management, including industry analysis, portfolio management, and product and market development. Subsequent chapters highlight the underlying themes and assumptions that guide human resource management practice, illustrate how human resource management can be integrated with strategic management, critique initial efforts toward strategic human resource management, and offer a new set of choices that overcome the limitations of prior efforts. The authors then propose a blueprint for strategic human resource management based on a determination of a firm's growth expectations and readiness to achieve the chosen strategic objectives. This contingency approach yields four conditions for strategic human resource management. The authors examine the strategic and situational characteristics of these conditions and identify specific issues associated with each. The final chapter presents a step-by-step process for strategic human resource management. Indispensable for human resource executives and managers, this book will also be an invaluable tool for management consultants and corporate general managers.


Defining Strategic Human Resource Management An Overview of Strategic Management An Overview of Human Resource Management Early Approaches to Strategic Human Resource Management Critique of Old Assumptions and Articulation of New Assumptions The Proposed Approach Application of the Strategic Human Resource Management Model Selected Bibliography Index

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