An introduction to cardiovascular physiology


An introduction to cardiovascular physiology

J.R. Levick

Butterworths, 1991


Cardiovascular physiology

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This is an introductory text designed primarily for students of medicine and physiology. The author shows how knowledge of the circulation is derived from experimental observations. Human data are presented where possible, and their relevance to human disease is emphasized. The traditional weighting of subject matter has been re-thought, resulting in a fuller account of microvascular physiology. This reflects the explosion of microvascular research over the last two decades. Even setting aside these advances, it seems self-evident that the culminating, fundamental function of the cardiovascular system, the transfer of nutrients from plasma to the tissue, merits more than the half-a-dozen lines usually accorded to it in introductory texts. Major advances continue apace in other fields too, for example the elucidation of the biochemical events underlying Starling's law of the heart; the discovery of new vasoactive substances produced by endothelium: the exploration of non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic neurotransmission; rapid advances in vascular smooth muscle physiology; and new concepts of how the central nervous control of the circulation is organized.


  • An overview of the cardiovascular system
  • the cardiac cycle
  • cardiac excitation and contraction
  • the electrocardiogram
  • the assessment of cardiac output
  • control of stroke volume and cardiac output
  • haemodynamics pressue, flow and resistance
  • solute transport between blood and tissue
  • circulation of fluid between plasma, interstitium and lymph
  • the vascular smooth muscle cell
  • the control of blood vessels
  • specialization in individual circulations
  • cardiovascular receptors, reflexes and central control
  • co-ordinated cardiovascular responses
  • cardiovascular responses in pathological situations.

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