Core list of books and journals in education


Core list of books and journals in education

by Nancy Patricia O'Brien and Emily Fabiano

Oryx Press, 1991

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Includes indexes



This list assembles a selected group of approximately 1000 books and journals currently available in the field of education, mostly published in the late 1980s. All works are in English and almost all are American. American government documents and monographs published by UNESCO have also been included. Although the majority of entries are individual monographs and journal titles, some multi-volume standard sources have been included, as have been such traditional reference works as directories, encyclopaedias and bibliographies. For certain subject areas, specific types of resources were included; for example, collections of conference papers are peculiar to comparative education because the international scope of the discipline results in the sharing of information in conference settings. In special education, handbook-type materials are included; in educational research and statistics, textbooks are features. In educational reform, commissioned reports and publications from professional organizations are prevalent. A balance of perspectives was attempted whenever suitable materials were available. Educational materials with radical, conservative and moderate viewpoints were annotated if they fell within the criteria for inclusion. In general, materials pertaining to children's literature were excluded since this subject is covered in other resources.

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