Practical statistics for medical research


Practical statistics for medical research

Douglas G. Altman

Chapman and Hall, 1991

1st ed

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Most medical researchers, whether clinical or non-clinical, receive some background in statistics as undergraduates. However, it is most often brief, a long time ago, and largely forgotten by the time it is needed. Furthermore, many introductory texts fall short of adequately explaining the underlying concepts of statistics, and often are divorced from the reality of conducting and assessing medical research. Practical Statistics for Medical Research is a problem-based text for medical researchers, medical students, and others in the medical arena who need to use statistics but have no specialized mathematics background. Explores topics of particular importance in clinical practice, including diagnostic tests, method comparison, and observer agreement Utilizes real data throughout and includes dozens of interesting data sets Discusses the use and misuse of statistics, enabling readers to judge the appropriateness of methods and interpretations published in medical journals Describes the main statistical methods for comparing data collected from different groups of individuals or for relating different observations from the same people Provides many problems, all with detailed solutions The author draws on twenty years of experience as a consulting medical statistician to provide clear explanations to key statistical concepts, with a firm emphasis on practical aspects of designing and analyzing medical research. The text gives special attention to the presentation and interpretation of results and the many real problems that arise in medical research.


Statistics in Medical Research Types of Data Describing Data Theoretical Distributions Designing Research Using a Computer Preparing to Analyse Data Principles of Statistical Analysis Comparing Groups - Continous Data Comparing Groups - Categorical Data Relation between Two Continuous Variables Relations between Several Variables Analysis of Survival Times Some Common Problems in Medical Research Clinical Trials The Medical Literature Appendix A: Mathematical Notation Appendix B: Statistical Tables Answers to Exercises References Index

: pbk ISBN 9780412386206


This book is primarily aimed at medical researchers and may also be useful to medical students, to clinicians who wish to understand the principles of the design and analysis of research, and to those attending postgraduate courses in medical statistics. The book aims to provide an understanding of the basic principles that underlie research design, data analysis and the interpretation of results and to enable the reader to carry out a wide range of statistical analyses. The emphasis is on the practical aspects of the design and analysis of medical research and attention is paid to the interpretation and presentation of results. By discussing the use and misuse of statistics the book aims to give the reader the material to judge the appropriateness of the methods and interpretation in papers published in medical journals. In most of the cases contained in the book the raw data is given so that analyses can be reproduced either by computer or by hand calculation.


  • Statistics in medical research
  • types of data
  • describing data
  • theoretical distributions
  • designing research
  • using a computer
  • preparing to analyze data
  • principles of statistical analysis
  • comparing groups - continuous data
  • comparing groups - categorical data
  • relation between two continuous variables
  • relation between several variables
  • analysis of survival times
  • some common problems in medical research
  • clinical trials
  • the medical literature. Appendices: mathematical notation
  • statistical tables.

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