Female reproductive system



Female reproductive system

edited by M.C. Anderson ; with further contributions by H. Fox, J.A. Tidy, M. Wells

(Systemic pathology, v. 6)

Churchill Livingstone, 1991

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A new author, Dr M.C.Anderson, offers a rewritten account of the female reproductive system for the third edition of this volume in the "Systemic Pathology" series. Each new volume in the third edition offers improved coverage of its particular subject, due to the creation of separate volumes. The creation of a new volume for obstetrical and gynaecological pathology has allowed more in-depth research and study of the reproductive system itself. It should be essential reading for MRCPath candidates and is also referenced for access to futher information.


  • The vulva
  • non-neoplastic epithelial disorders, wart virus infection and neoplasia of the vulva
  • the vagina
  • the cervix
  • colposcopy
  • the aetiology of cervical cancer
  • cervical precancer
  • invasive carcinoma of the cervix
  • the uterus
  • functional and inflammatory disorders of the endometrium
  • endometrial hyperplasia
  • endometrial carcinoma
  • mesenchymal tumours of the uterus
  • the fallopian tube
  • endometriosis
  • the ovary - normal appearances and non-neoplastic conditions
  • tumours of the ovary 1 - classification and epidemiology
  • tumours of the ovary 2 - epithelial (serosal) tumours
  • tumours of the ovary 3 - sex cord-stromal tumours
  • tumours of the ovary 4 - germ cell tumours
  • tumours of the ovary 5 - miscellaneous and secondary tumours
  • obstetrical pathology
  • application of new techniques in gynaecological histopathology.

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