Case studies in curriculum administration history


Case studies in curriculum administration history

edited by Henning Haft and Stefan Hopmann

Falmer Press, 1990

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 177-196) and index



ISBN 9781850008576


This text takes as its standpoint the fact that wherever mass education spreads, it is accompanied by curriculum administrations attempting to institutionalize rules of who should be taught what and by whom. Curriculum administration history is one of the elements traceable in every national or local history of schooling, although it does not make up as significant a proportion of comparative educational research as might be expected. This book, in addressing national and international curriculum administration history, extends the scope of research, identifies major methodological or conceptional problems and draws conclusions as to appropriate lines of inquiry. These areas are covered with reference to both the case studies which make up the present volume and to other recent studies in curriculum administration history.


  • Part 1 The rise of curriculum administration: the monitorial movement and the rise of curriculum administration - a comparative view, Stefan Hopmann
  • aspects of the rise of curriculum administration in Norway, Bjorg B. Gundem
  • social control and curriculum administration in early 20th century America - the case of special education, Barry M. Franklin
  • systems in formation and transition - curriculum administration for Schleswig and Holstein, Stefan Hopmann and Henning Haft. Part 2 School subjects as a key to curriculum administration history: the social history of school subjects, Ivor Goodson
  • curriculum policy development and social control - science education in 19th century England, Robert B. Prophet
  • democratization, abdication or regulation? - changing patterns of science curriculum development and educational administration in New Zealand since 1960, Derek Hodson
  • changes in physics teaching in England since 1960 - the people, policies and power in curriculum administration, Brian E. Woolnough. Part 3 Curriculum making as symbolic action: curriculum making as symbolic action - connecting education with the workplace, Herbert M. Kliebard
  • curriculum administration as symbolic action, Henning Haft and Stefan Hopmann.

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This collection of essays examines the history of curriculum development in a variety of countries in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the opinion of the editors, the work done in this field hitherto has been as inadequate as the subject is important.

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