Disorder in condensed matter physics : a volume in honour of Roger Elliott


Disorder in condensed matter physics : a volume in honour of Roger Elliott

edited by J.A. Blackman and J. Tagüeña

Clarendon Press, 1991

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Record of a symposium held in Oxford, July 10-12, 1989

Includes bibliographical references and index



Roger Elliott has been one of the leading figures in theoretical condensed matter physics for over three decades. In 1989, a Symposium was held in Oxford to mark his sixtieth birthday. This book is a collection of 38 articles by his colleagues and ex-students, which are based on papers presented at the Symposium. The articles are authoritative accounts of current developments in the physics of random systems (structural, dynamic, and statistical properties), magnetism and superconductivity, phase transitions, and quantum optics and excitonic effects. The theme of disorder is one that runs strongly throughout the book.


  • PART 1. RANDOM SYSTEMS: structure and dynamics
  • James A. Krumhansl: From CPA to non-linearity and mesostructure in condensed matter
  • M.F. Thorpe, W. Jin, & S.D. Mahanti: Vegard's law in random two-dimensional alloys
  • Frank L. Galeener: Vibrational studies of short - and intermediate - range order in glasses
  • M. Massot & M. Balkanski: Structure and transport properties in borate glasses
  • Rafael L. Barrio: Raman scattering from multilayers
  • R.A. Tahir-Kheli & C.J. Holzhey: Low-frequency protein dynamics and ligand migration: a case of diffusion in fractal geometry?
  • I.P. Ipatova & V.A. Shchukin: Exactly solvable problem for the polar optical phonon Green's function and the phonodistribution in the vibrational spectrum diffusion region of uniaxial crystal solid solutions
  • F.L. Castillo-Alverado, G.S. Contreras-Puente, & R.A. Barrio: Raman studies in heavily doped semiconductors
  • J. Taguena-Martinez, R.A. Barrio, & I. Chambouleyron: Study of tin in amorphous germanium
  • PART 2. RANDOM SYSTEMS - STATISTICAL PROPERTIES: S.F. Edwards: The ageing of glass
  • Anita Mehta & S.F. Edwards: A new statistical approach to granular mixtures
  • D. Weaire: Frothy disputes - the evolution of the structure of two-dimensional froth
  • P.L. Leath: Percolation models of electrical, mechanical, and superconducting breakdown
  • R.A. Burston, G.D. Hughes, & C.J. Lambert: Spatial and spectral properties of fractions in percolating structures
  • PART 3. MAGNETISM AND SUPERCONDUCTIVITY: A.R. Mackintosh & J. Jensen: Commensurable spin structures and their excitations
  • A.B. Harris: Helical spin systems: a progress report
  • Paul A. Fleury: Spin fluctuations in antiferromagnets and superconductors
  • Yu. A. Izyumov: Superconductors with degenerate electron states
  • P. Pfeuty: Magnetic correlations and quantum fluctuations in nearly magnetic heavy fermion compounds
  • Peter M. Levy & Shufeng Zhang: Anisotropy of Kondo systems arising from mixing
  • T.A. Costi & A.C. Hewson: A new approach to the calculation of spectra for strongly correlated systems
  • Norio Kawakemi & Ayao Okjii: Dressed particles in the Hubbard chain
  • B.R. Djordevic & R. Djordevic: Magnetic impurity in an anisotropic ferromagnet
  • J.A. Blackman & Kalliopi Trohidou: Superparamagnetism in antiferromagnet particles is a surface phenomenon
  • PART 4. PHASE TRANSITIONS: Peter Young: Spin glasses
  • R.A. Cowley: Metastability, random fields, and phase diagrams
  • L.L. Goncalves: The Ising model in correlated random fields
  • Timothy Ziman: One-dimensional magnets and conformal invariance
  • I.D. Paczek & J.B. Parkinson: The _S = 1 quantum spin chain: some exact and numerical results
  • Stanislas Leibler, Rajiv R.P. Singh, & Michael E. Fisher: Thermodynamic behaviour of two-dimensional vesicles
  • Michael Swift & Julia Yeomans: Wetting between curved substrates
  • Per-Anker Lindgard & Teresa Castan: The _t-1/4 universality class: theory and simulation of slow domain growth after quenches to low and finite temperatures
  • Kimmo Kaski: Molecular dynamics simulations of Si (001): surface reconstruction, melting and epitaxal growth
  • P.C.W. Holdsworth, M.G. Gingras, & B. Bergersen: Non-separable anisotropic pair potentials: two-dimensional liquid crystals and orientational glasses
  • M.J. Lea & N.H. March: Melting curves of two- and three- dimensional Wigner electron crystals in a magnetic field
  • PART 5. QUANTUM OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY: Rodney Loudon: Single-and two-particle interference
  • Joseph L. Birman: Quantum optical properties of the exciton-polariton: new families of excitonic quasi particles
  • A. Goltzene & C. Schwab: Trends within hydrogenic species: an empirical approach
  • Selected bibliography
  • Author index
  • Subject index.

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