Very high speed MOS devices


Very high speed MOS devices

edited by Susumu Kohyama

Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press, 1990

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This comprehensive work describes very high speed and very high performance MOS devices which are mainstream technologies in VLSI and ULSI research. The book is wide ranging, its scope covering basic subjects through to a variety of applications. All the authors are researchers and engineers from the Toshiba Corporation, a world leader in MOS device technology, especially in the CMOS area, and so leading technologies and supporting knowledge are thoroughly reviewed. The book begins with a review of the concept and historical background of MOS devices, followed by their basic operating principles and physical characteristics. Process and device tchnologies aiming at submicron-scale devices, simulation and CAD and circuit design for both logic and memory LSIs are explained in detail, using many diagrams and actual data. In particular, high speed MOS devices are considered at the system level, rather than the individual device or component level, in the achievement of overall high system speed and performance. Future trends and issues in MOS technology, including three-dimensional LSIs, are also described.


  • Part 1 Introductory remarks: history of MOS devices
  • operating principle and scaling of MOSFETs
  • high speed MOS and large scale integration
  • the fabrication process for MOS devices. Part 2 Foundations and physics of MOS devices: miniaturized MOSFETs
  • carrier injection into oxide and substrate - reliability of MOSFETs
  • CMOS latchup
  • limitations of MOS device characteristics. Part 3 Process integration for MOS devices: MOS device structures
  • technologies for CMOS device fabrication
  • MOS device reliability and failure analysis
  • trends of MOS device and process integration. Part 4 BiCMOS devices: BiCMOS structure
  • device characteristics
  • speed performance
  • future trends. Part 5 Simulation technology: process simulation
  • device simulation
  • circuit simulation
  • logic simulation
  • future perspectives. Part 6 MOS logic devices: circuit design of CMOS logic VLSIs
  • logic design of logic VLSIs
  • the future of MOS logic VLSI. Part 7 MOS memory devices: RAM
  • ROM
  • application specific memory
  • high performance MOS memory design
  • testing large capacity RAM
  • future trends. Part 8 Future directions and technical issues of MOS devices: cryogenic operation
  • silicon on sapphire (SOS)
  • SOI and three-dimensional ICs
  • wafer scale integration technology
  • future technology - trends and issues.

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