Book production


    • Peacock, John


Book production

John Peacock

Blueprint, 1989

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This is an important guide which is used as a training manual and reference source within the publishing industry. Published in collaboration with the Publishers Association, it is an extensive, comprehensive and authoritative volume and represents the only contemporary detailed consideration of the subject available in English. Written by the Production Director of an international publishing group, there are 500 pages of solid advice, facts and techniques, together with 76 illustrations. This has become the standard handbook for those involved in book production.


  • Choosing formats
  • standard sizes
  • copy preparation
  • typography
  • design
  • casting-off text
  • commissioning illustrations
  • assessing illustrations for reproduction
  • sizing illustrations
  • dealing with covers and jackets
  • typesetting processes including author-originated material
  • proof marking
  • originating monochrome and colour
  • screen values
  • scanning
  • handling co-editions
  • proofing systems
  • papermaking
  • choice of paper
  • paper calculations
  • specifying paper
  • paper problems
  • printing processes
  • print quality
  • finishing operations
  • inks
  • binding styles and processes
  • packing, despatch and distribution
  • trade standards.

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