Readings in criminal justice


Readings in criminal justice

compiled and edited by Jack Donald Foster

McCutchan Pub., c1969

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  • 1. Legal and philosophiic foundations:
  • The aims of the criminal law / Henry M. Hart, Jr
  • The State and the accused : balance of advantage in criminal procedure / Abraham S. Goldstein
  • Two models of the criminal process / Herbert L. Packer
  • 2. Constitutional guarantees and police power:
  • The Supreme Court and restrictions on police interrogation / Lawrence Herman
  • Police interrogation and the privilege against self-incrimination / Walter V. Schaefer
  • Constitutional limitations on detention for investigation / Gerald H. Abrams
  • The law and practice of field interrogation / Wayland D. Plicher
  • 3. Crinimal prosecution:
  • Police discretion not to invoke the criminal process : low visibility decisions in the administration of justice / Joseph Goldstein
  • Gideon and beyond : achieving an adequate defense for the indigent / Barry Siegal
  • The last days of bail / John V. Ryan
  • Alternatives to arrest of lesser offenders / Cyril D. Robinson
  • The grand jury under attack / Richard D. Younger
  • 4. The trial and sentencing process:
  • The functions of the jury : facts or fictions? / Dale W. Broeder
  • The press and the oppressed : a study of prejudicial news reporting in criminal cases / Carolyn Jaffe
  • Pleading guilty for considerations : a study of bargain justice / Donald J. Newman
  • Sentencing structure : its effect upon systems for the administration of justice / Lloyd E. Ohlin & Frank J. Remington