Nursing competence : A guide to professional development


Nursing competence : A guide to professional development

edited by Betty Kershaw

Edward Arnold, 1990

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With regard to the current changes in nurse's education and practice, it is important for registered nurses to follow some course of continuing education. Providing an overview of the options possible, this guide reviews the courses available to nurses.


  • Professional responsibility, Reg Pyne
  • what further education has to offer, Helena Stockford
  • professional development, Nan Stalker
  • the role of the Open University, Marjorie Gott
  • Diploma in Nursing - Universities of London and Wales, Maureen Eccleston
  • degree level studies, Betty Kershaw
  • a clinical career structure, Stephen G.Wright
  • enrolled nurse developments, Margaret Johnston
  • management training and development, John Kelly
  • training to teach, Betty Kershaw
  • what your Health Authority has to offer, Betty Kershaw and Mary Harrison
  • making changes, Stephen G.Wright.

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