A History of education in public health : health that mocks the doctors' rules


A History of education in public health : health that mocks the doctors' rules

editors, Elizabeth Fee and Roy M. Acheson

Oxford University Press, 1991


History of education in public health

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This is the first book to examine and compare the historical and contemporary problems of education for public health in Britain and the United States. Here, historians of public health on both sides of the Atlantic compare and contrast the political, economic, and social forces shaping the diverse patterns for public health and the relationship of public health to medical education and practice. In Britain, education for public health has been directed solely toward the medical profession and has been shaped by the organization of medical care and the professional interests of medical practitioners. The United States has developed independent schools of public health open to physicians, engineers, nurses, administrators, lawyers, and other professional groups; the result is a more open form of professional education which is however only loosely tied to the existing patterns of public health practice. Because the different systems of education and training for public health developed in these two countries continue to serve as models for international public health schools and training programs, this study should provoke and inform policy decisions about the future directions of education in all countries interested in building stronger and more effective public health care systems.


  • Public health, preventative medicine and professionalization: Britain and the United States in the nineteenth century
  • The British diploma in public health: birth and adolescence
  • Stratification and its discontents: professionalization and its conflicts in the British public health services
  • The emergence of a pioneering public health programme in the United States
  • Designing schools of public health for the United States
  • The public's health: philosophy and practice in Britain in the twentieth century
  • The teaching and practice of public health in the United States
  • The British diploma in public health: hey-day and decline
  • Preparation for public health practice: into the twenty-first century
  • Index.

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