Socially responsible investing : how to invest with your conscience


Socially responsible investing : how to invest with your conscience

Alan J. Miller

Institute of Finance, c1991

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This book gives investors the necessary tools for making sound, socially responsible investment decisions. It takes a practical look at one of the fastest growing segments of consumer investing, providing detailed discussions of the issues, strategies and conflicts of socially responsible investment. The author uses his own practical experience to provide advice and guidance on the investment options that can be part of an investor's socially responsible portfolio. He illustrates the pros and cons involved in investing with conscience and includes a test for the reader to assess their socially responsible awareness. Miller bases his book on the premise that socially responsible investing involves more than selecting companies from a long laundry list; it is arriving at an understanding of one's personal beliefs and investment priority. By balancing the two, the sophisticated - yet socially motivated - investor can manage a successful socially responsible portfolio.

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