Dialectic and contemporary science : essays in honor of Errol E. Harris


Dialectic and contemporary science : essays in honor of Errol E. Harris

edited, and with an introduction by Philip T. Grier

University Press of America, c1989

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 4



Each essay is followed by a reply by Errol E. Harris

"Bibliography of works by Errol E. Harris": p. 219-227

Includes bibliographies and index



This volume contains ten original essays by leading philosophers in America, Britain and Europe, all addressed to the dialectical holist philosophical position developed by the contemporary philosopher Errol Harris; it also contains an extensive introduction outlining and defending the general contours of that position. It serves not only as a Festschrift for Professor Harris, but also as a comprehensive, critical exposition of the neo-Hegelian system of philosophical thought for which Harris is widely known, a position which is attracting the particular interest of contemporary physical cosmologists and philosophers of science, as well as that of other metaphysicians and students of the history of philosophy. As a Festschrift, it not only contains the complete bibliography of Harris's published works to date, but also an individual, sometimes extensive response by Professor Harris to each of the ten contributed essays, further advancing the dialogue on the topics in question.

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