Parasitology : a global perspective


Parasitology : a global perspective

edited by Kenneth S. Warren and John Z. Bowers

Springer-Verlag, c1983

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Proceedings of a meeting held at the Rockefeller Foundation's Study Center in Bellagio, Italy, April 22-29, 1982--P. xii

Includes bibliographical references and index



Proceedings of a Meeting in Bellagio, Italy, April, 1982


History of Parasitology.- 1 Emergence and Early Development of Parasitology.- Current Status of Parasitic Diseases.- 19 Parasistic Diseases in the South (Developing Worl).- 45 Human Helminthic and Protozoan Infections in the North.- 62 The Importance of Parasitic Diseases.- Perspectives on Research in Parasitology.- 75 Parasitology: The Goverment Interest in the United Kingdom.- 79 Parasitology: Commonwealth Perspectives.- 85 Parasitology Research in the Universities of Britain and Northern Europe.- 95 Research in Parasitology in French and Overseas Pasteur Institutes.- 114 Research in parasitology: martinsinovski Institure, USSR.- 117 ParasitoloRical Research in Institutes in China.- 127 The Australian School of Parasitology: Current Status and Prospects.- 141 Biomedical Research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.- Teaching Parasitology.- 158 Teaching Medical Parasitology.- Literature of Parasitology.- The Status of the Parasitology Literature: Linkages to Modern Biology.- The New Parasitology.- 191 Toward the Development of New Drugs for Parasitic Diseases.- 203 The Role of Molecular Biology in Parasitology.- 214 The Role of Membrane Research in the Future Control of Parasitic Diseases.- 220 Cell Biology and the Future of Parasitology.- 228 Immunology and Parasitic Diseases.- 236 The Biology of Parasitism (Course at Woods Hole) and The Future of Immunology (As It Pertains to Parasitology).- 246 The Consequences of New Approaches in Parasitological Research.- International Networks for Research in Parasitology.- 256 The WHO Network.- 240 The Wellcome Trust Network.- 273 The Great Neglected Diseases: A Global Network for Biomedical Research.- 281 The Funding of Parasitological Research.

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