An illustrated practical guide to basic pacing



An illustrated practical guide to basic pacing

Richard Sutton, Ivan Bourgeois

(The Bakken Research Center series, v. 1 . The foundations of cardiac pacing ; Pt. 1)

Futura Pub. Co., 1991

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Despite widespread use and the large number of publications in the field of pacing, there has been a lack of a practical, fundamental guide for physicians, technicians and nurses. The aim of this text, the first of two volumes, is to fill this gap. This first volume provides the reader with a thorough understanding of all aspects of single-chamber pacing - from basic physical, physiological and clinical concepts to descriptions of types of pacemaker and pacing procedures. Multimode, rate-modulated, and other advanced forms of pacing are considered in volume two. Amply illustrated to enhance the text, this book reflects the extensive experience and expertise of its authors, and is designed to be of educational, practical use. It offers a succinct overview of its subject in 14 chapters and three appendices. This volume will be of great use to the non-expert in pacing, and as a basic text for the clinical cardiologist with general exposure to patients with pacemakers.


Preface Richard O. Russell 1. Introduction 2. Basic Electrophysiology 3. Clinical Electrophysiology 4. What Is A Pacemaker? 5. Hemodynamics and Pacing 6. Clinical Presentation of Conduction Defects and Indications for Pacing 7. Pacemaker Selection 8. Temporary Pacing 9. Techniques of Implantation 10. Clinical Results of Pacing 11. Pacemaker Clinic 12. Troubleshooting 13. Pacing in the Health Care System 14. The Future of Cardiac Pacing Appendix 1. The History of Cardiac Pacing Appendix 2. NASPE/BPEG Generic Pacemaker Code Appendix 3. Commonly Used Guidelines for Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation

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