An adaptive neural network : the cerebral cortex


An adaptive neural network : the cerebral cortex

Yves Burnod

Prentice Hall, 1990

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The Masson edition of this book is published in the series “Biologie théorique" edited by G. Chauvet and H. Le Guyader

Published in 1988 in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium by Masson, and copublished 1990 by Prentice Hall International for distribution throughout the rest of the world



For an advanced undergraduate/postgraduate course in departments of computer science, artificial intelligence and biology, this text looks at a new approach for modelling the adaptive capacities of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex. Types of behaviour considered are visual guidance of hand movement, invariant pattern recognition and language learning. The model shares features with connectionist models, but takes into account the hierarchical organizational levels of the brain: synapses, neurons, columns, maps and sensorimotor systems. The book proposes rules for local processing units formed by cortical columns. It covers network model linking columns, the ontogeny of learning abilities and mental representations. Overall it aims to develop a multi-disciplinary approach linking neurobiology, psychology, artificial intelligence and parallel distributed processing.


  • Cellular level - basic function of neurons
  • the basic mechanism of the cortical column
  • cortex within the nervous system and organization of the cortical network
  • regional specializations of cortical function
  • cortical adaptive mechanism and language learning.

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