Developing C++ software

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Developing C++ software

Russel Winder

(Wiley professional computing)

J. Wiley, c1991

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [321]-324) and index

Description and Table of Contents


This volume has been devised for teaching how to produce robust, quality software written in C++. It aims to provide the knowledge for - and skills of - programming in the language by adopting a problem solving approach. Emphasis is placed on the foundations of the language in the belief that once the basics have been learnt, and the philosophy of the language understood, gaining sophistication by employing the more esoteric features of C++ will be a matter of experience and continuing study. Throughout the book, C++ is treated as a language in its own right rather than a superset of C.

Table of Contents

  • Abstraction in programming
  • the primitive data types
  • first steps in construction - expressions
  • control flow - sequence, decision making and iteration
  • functional abstraction
  • a primitive data structure - arrays
  • user-defined data types - classes
  • a form of polymorphism - overloading
  • becoming more dynamic - pointer types
  • dynamic data types
  • extendible abstractions - inheritance
  • files - generally useful things
  • odds and ends.

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