History of academic psychology in Canada


History of academic psychology in Canada

compiled and edited by Mary J. Wright and C. Roger Myers

C.J. Hogrefe, 1982

  • : pbk.

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Includes bibliographies and index



This work describes the development of psychology in Canada. In an introduction, a series of overviews and an epilogue, the editors describe the evolution of psychology across the country from East to West. The chronicle begins in the 18th century and ends in the 1970s. The epilogue describes the great expansion of psychology which occured in the 1960s, and provides a brief sketch of the history of every academic depatment of psychology in Canada. A separate chapter is devoted to the 12 Canadian universities which began offering training in psychology through to doctoral level before 1960, relating to contributions made by the men and women who played the most important roles in the early development of the field.

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