Electron microscopy of interfaces in metals and alloys


Electron microscopy of interfaces in metals and alloys

C.T. Forwood and L.M. Clarebrough

(Electron microscopy in materials science series)

Adam Hilger, c1991

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Electron Microscopy of Interfaces in Metals and Alloys examines the structure of interfaces in metals and alloys using transmission electron microscopy. The book presents quantitative methods of analysis and reviews the most significant work on interface structure over the last 20 years. It provides the first book description of the methods used for quantitative identification of Burgers vectors of interfacial dislocations, including the geometric analysis of periodicities in interface structure and the comparison of experimental and theoretical electron micrographs. The book explores low- and high-angle grain boundaries and interphase interfaces between neighboring grains, emphasizing interfacial dislocations and rigid-body displacements to the structure and properties of interfaces. It also analyzes the use of two-beam images and diffraction patterns for analysis and studies n-beam lattice imaging. The book includes numerous worked examples of the analysis of the structure of grain boundaries and interphase interfaces, which are particularly useful to those who need to consider the nature of intercrystalline interfaces.


Dislocation theory of interfaces Image formation and diffraction effects in the electron microscopy of interfaces Determination of crystallographic and diffraction parameters Low-angle grain boundaries High- angle grain boundaries Some properties of high-angle grain boundaries Interphase interfaces

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