Poetics : theory and practice in medieval English literature


Poetics : theory and practice in medieval English literature

Piero Boitani, Anna Torti (eds.)

D.S. Brewer, 1991

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"This volume contains the papers delivered at Perugia during the Symposium held there on 26-28 April, 1990 to commemorate J.A.W. Bennett (the J.A.W. Bennett Memorial Lectures, seventh series)."--Pref

Includes bibliographical references and index



The theme of the 1990 Bennett Memorial Lectures in Perugia, "Poetics: Theory and Practice", invites a variety of approaches: for instance, the search for a late-medieval poetics in texts by commentators and philosophers; the study of an internal, implicit theory of poetry in the poetic texts themselves; and the application of modern literary theories to medieval works. The principle emphasis is on Chaucer: eight of the eleven contributors focus on aspects of his poetics, from his appropriation of the reader's role to the symbolism of his landscape; there is material for Arthurians (is there a "basic" English Arthurian verse romance?); and the Christian version of the Platonic ideal in "Pearl" and a discussion of the interaction of poetic and civil authority in poets from Chaucer to Spenser complete this collection of essays.


  • The authority of the audience on Chaucer, Jill Mann
  • theorizing the rose - commentary tradition in the "Querelle de la Rose", A.J. Minnis
  • fictions living fictions - the poetics and genre in Fragment D of the "Canterbury Tales", Charles A. Owen Jr
  • Chaucer and the poetics of utterance, A.S.G. Edwards
  • cave and web - vision and poetry in Chaucer's "Legend of Good Women", Paul B. Taylor
  • generic variations on the theme of poetic and civil authority, Helen Cooper
  • life and fiction in the "Canterbury Tales" - a new perspective, Paule Mertens-Fonck
  • writing the tyrant's death - Chaucer, Bernabo Visconti and Richard II, David Wallace
  • "Pearl" - love and the poetics of participation, Eugene Vance
  • grappling with Arthur or is there an English Arthurian verse romance?, Joerg O. Fichte
  • rocky shores and pleasure gardens - poetry versus magic in Chaucer's "Franklin's Tale", V.A. Kolve.

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