Education for economic survival : from Fordism to post-Fordisim?


Education for economic survival : from Fordism to post-Fordisim?

edited by Phillip Brown and Hugh Lauder

Routledge, 1992

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This collection reviews debates and reforms in education in the light of recent theories of post-Fordism. The contributors argue that advances in technology and mass communications have made it increasingly plausible to talk about the rise of the "information" society. There has been a globalization of economic markets and competition and an end to the Cold War. However, much of the current debate about education, economy and society has failed to rise above the cut and thrust of domestic social policy. Given the current attack on the foundations of welfare capitalism in a number of industrial societies such debates are of great importance. However, they urgently need to be complemented by discussion about the future of industrial societies and the role of education in economic and industrial policy. Indeed, when one begins to consider these wider questions one is forced to rethink much of what is currently taken for granted about educational and training systems. This book takes a tentative step towards a "new" agenda, as well as to examine the nature and consequences of existing education and training policies. This book should be of interest to students of education and sociology.


1. Education, Economy and Society: An Introduction to a New Agenda Philip Brown and Hugh Lauder 2. New Theories of Post-Industrial Society Krishan Kumar 3. Organisational Re-Structuring, the Changing Needs for Management and the Role of Higher Education Richard Scase 4. Education and Post-Fordism: A New Correspondence? Mike Hickox and Robert Moore 5. Educating for the `Enterprise Economy': A Critical Review Gareth Rees and Teresa Rees 6. The Privatization of Education Clyde Chitty 7. Educational Assessment and Educational Standards: Towards an Alternative View of Quality Harry Torrance 8. The Restructuring of the Labour Market and Youth Training David N. Ashton 9. Beyond Vocationalism Shane J. Blackman 10. Education After Basic Schooling Malcolm Maguire, Susan Maguire and David N. Ashton 11. Training for Economic Survival Sarah Vickerstaffe.

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