Boston's immigrants, 1790-1880 : a study in acculturation


Boston's immigrants, 1790-1880 : a study in acculturation

Oscar Handlin

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1991

Rev. and enl. ed., 50th anniversary ed

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Includes bibliographies: p. 297-362

Includes index



As fresh today as when it was first published a half-century ago, Boston's Immigrants illuminates the history of a particular city and an important phase of the American experience. Focusing on the life of people from the perspective of the social historian, the book explores a wide range of subjects: peasant society and the cause of European migration, population growth and industrial development, the ideology of progress and Catholic thought, and urban politics and the dynamic of prejudice. A generation of students and scholars has profited from its insights, and general readers have enjoyed its lively style. A new Preface by the author reflects upon the book's intellectual origins.


Preface to the 1991 edition Foreword 1. Social Boston, 1790-1845 2. The Process of Arrival, 1790-1865 3. The Economic Adjustment 4. The Physical Adjustment 5. Conflict of Ideas 6. The Development of Group Consciousness 7. Group Conflict 8. An Appearance of Stability Appendix Note on the Statistics of Immigration into Boston Note to Table 8 Tables Abbreviations and Note on Source Notes Index

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