Politics, women and well-being : how Kerala became "a model"


Politics, women and well-being : how Kerala became "a model"

Robin Jeffrey

(Cambridge commonwealth series)

Macmillan Press, 1992

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Publisher of some copies: Palgrave Macmillan

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In 1990, Kerala on the southwestern coast has India's lowest infant mortality, longest life expectancy and highest female literacy. India's 'problem state' of the 1950s has become 'the Kerala model'. The collapse of a matrilineal social structure and a rigid caste system contributed to widespread politicization. Women retained a circumscribed but influential position in social life. The result is an instructive analysis for students of politics, development policy and women's issues.


  • List of Tables - Preface - List of Abbreviations - Chronology - Introduction - PART 1: HOW OLD KERALA GAVE WAY
  • Janamma, 1860-1940 - Old Kerala - Family - Education - Economy and Attitudes - PART 2: HOW PUBLIC POLITICS TOOK HOLD
  • Mary Poonen Lukose, 1886-1976 - Christians Suggest - 'Communities' Form - Nationalism Inspires - Classes Organize - PART 3: HOW 'THE MODEL' TOOK SHAPE
  • Akkamma Cheriyan Varky, 1909-82 - Education - Land - Well-Being - Conclusion
  • K.R.Gouri - Glossary - Notes - Select Bibliography - Index

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