Electronic publishing perspectives : present and future


Electronic publishing perspectives : present and future

edited and compiled by Tony Feldman

Blueprint, 1990

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Drawing together a collection of feature articles which have appeared in recent months in EP Journal, the international newsletter of electronic publishing, this book presents a concise, easy-to-read overview of the electronic information industry. Each article consists of a few, well-packed pages of commercially-orientated analysis that will introduce key concepts to newcomers to the industry and provide a clear briefing on the many and varied aspects of electronic publishing today. Tony Feldman, one of the best-known industry gurus and author of several books on the subject, introduces the collection by assessing the emergence and global growth of the industry, examining both the technological and commercial developments of recent years. Each article is prefaced by a brief commentary, placing the article's subject in context and, where necessary, describing the latest developments. In a concluding chapter, Feldman summarises and takes a look at the future, exploring how new information media will affect our lives in the 1990s and beyond. This work should prove to be of interest to all those involved in the information and communication media including publishers (both conventional and electronic), journalists, broadcasters, advertising and publicity consultants, information scientists, librarians and library administrators and policy-makers in the telecommunications and IT industries.


  • Electronic information comes of age
  • cable and satellite
  • CD-ROM industry review
  • fax information services
  • cartographic information services
  • images and pictures
  • bespoke information services
  • improving access to answers
  • interactive voice information services
  • Japan's database industry at home and abroad
  • fax plus
  • electronic publishing in the palm of your hand
  • CD-ROM in the 1990s
  • getting the best from real-time services
  • satellite services
  • getting the measure of information services in the European community
  • multimedia
  • future directions.

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