Concise encyclopedia of polymer processing & applications



Concise encyclopedia of polymer processing & applications

editor, Patrick J. Corish ; executive editor, Robert W. Cahn ; senior advaisory editor, Michael B. Beve

(Advances in materials science and engineering)

Pergamon Press, 1992

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Polymer usage is widespread with applications in many areas and its growth has been rapid in recent years. The aim of the Concise Encyclopedia of Polymer Processing & Applications is to cover the mainstream areas of application and their associated processing techniques. This is achieved by using a combination of new articles and ones drawn from the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering, its supplements, and related Concise Encyclopedias. The emphasis is placed on the practical handling and production aspects of polymers, with a varied selection of topics examined including overviews on elastomers, fibers and textiles, composites and adhesive joining. Overall the book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of polymer processing and applications.


Selected Articles. Acrylate adhesives. Adhesion: fundamental principles. Adhesives in medicine. Appliances: applications of engineered plastics. Armor, composite. Automotive composite components: fabrication. Blow molding of thermoplastics. Bond durability. Bottles and other rigid containers. Cellulose: nature and applications. Composites: applications overview. Composites: manufacturing overview. Computer control in polymer processing. Decorative laminates. Degradation and stabilization, thermal. Design with plastics. Die extrusion. Elastomer-metal adhesion processes. Elastomer-thermoplastics adhesion processes. Elastomer-textile adhesion processes. Elastomeric coatings. Elastomeric foams. Elastomeric products from liquid polymers. Electrical properties of elastomers. Electrodeposited polymer coatings. Fabrics: finishing. Fibers: drawing. Flammability of polymers. Glass-reinforced plastics: thermoplastic resins. Health hazards in elastomer processing. Hot-melt adhesives. Injection molding of polymers: computer simulation. Liquid crystal processing. Melt delivery systems: normal stress pumps. Melt spinning: dynamics. Mixing: basic concepts. Mixing: twin-screw extruders. Offshore engineering applications of polymers. Polyethylene processing to produce ultimate properties. Polymer blends. Powdered and particulate elastomer processing. Processing: shear-controlled orientation. Quality requirements in elastomer processing. Radiation processing. Recycling. Rubber processing. Sports equipment manufacture. Synthetic adhesives. Tubular film extrusion: dynamics and heat transfer. Vulcanization. Vulcanization by silanes. Vulcanization, continuous. Welding of plastics. 2000 lit. refs. approx., numerous illus.

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