The great European illusion : business in the wider community


The great European illusion : business in the wider community

Alain Minc ; with a foreword by Ronnie Lessem ; translated by Lindsey Fones

(Developmental management)

Blackwell Publishers, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The international business community must be aware of what kind of Europe is emerging if it is to create effective strategies for exploiting the massive economic and political shifts. This English translation of "The Great European Illusion", originally published in French, if fully updated to take account of recent developments in Eastern Europe. It is a controversial book which assesses the economic, social and cultural options facing the European continent, east and west. "The Great European Illusion" is a provocative analysis of the 1992 phenomenon. Minc argues that European integration must be seen as part of a much wider evolutionary process and he shakes the belief that forging the single market of 1992 will somehow lead to an easy shift to a unified Europe with greater economic and political coherence.


  • Part 1 From a Western to a Continental Europe: from an Atlantic system to a Continental system
  • America in retreat
  • Germany at the centre
  • a second Maginot line
  • a wind of change in the East?. Part 2 1992 The illusion: the apotheosis of the free market
  • a daydream
  • the Darwinian nightmare
  • an unfinished symphony. Part 3 A breviary of the impossible
  • the third cycle
  • "If I could do it all again, I would begin with culture"
  • questions
  • a decalogue.

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