Media coverage of terrorism : methods of diffusion



Media coverage of terrorism : methods of diffusion

A. Odasuo Alali, Kenoye Kelvin Eke, editors

(Sage focus editions, v. 130)

Sage Publications, c1991

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The critical issues confronting media coverage of terrorism are examined in this book. Using specific terrorist incidents, it analyzes the selective labelling of acts of political violence and the symbolic nature of the specific characterization. What is the journalist's role in terrorist events? Does media coverage serve to encourage terrorism? These and other questions are examined within the triad `relationship' between government, media and terrorist(s). It also examines the implications of media coverage of acts of political violence on visual communication research.


Introduction - Kenoye Kelvin Eke and A Odasuo Alali Critical Issues in Media Coverage of Terrorism Characterizations of Acts and Perpetrators of Political Violence in Three Elite US Daily Newspapers - Robert G Picard and Paul D Adams US Newsmagazines' Labelling of Terrorists - Brian Simmons The Journalist's Role in Coverage of Terrorist Events - Robert G Picard News Coverage as the Contagion of Terrorism - Robert G Picard Dangerous Charges Backed by Dubious Science Network Evening News Coverage of the TWA Hostage Crisis - Tony Atwater Terrorism at the BBC - John David Viera The IRA on British Television The Myth of My Widow - Jack Lule A Dramatistic Analysis of News Portrayals of a Terrorist Victim The Literature of Terrorism - Kevin G Barnhurst Implications for Visual Communications

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