Floating exchange rates : the lessons of recent experience



Floating exchange rates : the lessons of recent experience

edited by H. Fournier and J. E. Wadsworth ; with contributions from G. Carli ... [et al.]

Sijthoff, 1976

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Fifth Colloquium, organised by the Société universitaire européenne de recherches financières and held in Venice from Oct. 10-13, 1974

English or French

Includes bibliographical references



Preface About the Authors and Editors PART A. Impact of Floating Rates on International Trade 1. Opening Address, G. Carli 2. The Impact of "Floating" on Multinational Companies and International Trade, A.W. Clements 3. Changes in Exchange Rates and Price Elasticities, H. Glejser 4. Floating Exchange Rates, International Trade and Domestic Economic Stability, R.S. Masera PART B. Impact of Floating Rates on Flows of Capital 5. Floating Exchange Rates and Captial Movements - Japan's Experience, N. Kagami 6. Impact of Floating Rates on Multinational Companies, H.P. Schar 7. Recent Speculation in Forward Exchange, P. van Veen PART C. Floating Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy 8. Policies of Central Banks under "Floating", J. van der Linden 9. Public Policy and the Floating Rate Experience, R.W. Russell 10. Policy of the Central Bank under the Floating Exchange Rate System in Japan, T. Yoshino PART D. Contributions in French 11. Les taux de change flottants: systeme d'avenir? (Floating Exchange Rates - A System for the Future?), E. Merigo 12. Le marche des changes a terme sous un regime de cours libres (Floating Rates and Foreign Exchange Markets), G. Pelli 13. Taux de changes flottants et mouvements de capitaux (Floating Exchange Rates and Capital Movements), M. Rist PART E. General Report on the Colloquium 14. General Report on the Colloquium, F. Forte

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