Orthopaedic management in childhood


Orthopaedic management in childhood

edited by P.F. Williams and W.G. Cole

Chapman & Hall, 1991

2nd ed

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  • : us

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text is based on the considerable personal experience of the authors, and is aimed at professional and trainee orthopaedic surgeons. It does not attempt to duplicate the extensive coverage already provided by the standard texts, but concentrates on management approaches which should be of value. Emphasis is placed on the management of patients as well as the treatment of the disease or disability, and this is reflected in the early chapter structure of the book which deals with problems encountered in the relevant age groups. This second edition has incorporated advances which have taken place since the first edition was published in 1982, particularly in the area of imaging techniques and genetics. This book should be of interest to orthopaedic surgeons and trainees, paediatricians, medical students and house officers.


  • Orthopaedic management in childhood
  • the infant
  • the toddler
  • the child
  • the adolescent
  • special conditions seen throughout childhood
  • some generalized disorders with orthopaedic implications
  • fractures and dislocations
  • bone tumours
  • anaesthesia in paediatric orthopaedic practice
  • imaging in paediatric orthpaedics
  • reflections on the practice of surgery.

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