Particles, photons and their detection


Particles, photons and their detection

M. S. Longair

(High energy astrophysics / M.S. Longair, v. 1)

Cambridge University Press, 1992

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 400-408) and index



High energy astrophysics is one of the most exciting areas of contemporary astronomy, covering the most energetic phenomena in the universe. The highly acclaimed first edition of Professor Longair's book immediately established itself as an essential text book on high energy astrophysics. In this complete revision, the subject matter has expanded to the point where two volumes are desirable. In the first a thorough treatment is given of the physical processes that govern the behaviour of particles in astrophysical environments such as the interstellar gas, neutron stars, and black holes. Special emphasis is placed on how observations are made in high energy astrophysics and the limitations imposed on them. The tools of the astronomer and high energy astrophysicist are introduced in the context of specific astronomical problems. The material in volume 1 leads to a study of all kinds of high energy phenomena in the galaxy and the universe, given in the second volume. This book assumes that readers have some knowledge of physics and mathematics at the undergraduate level, but no prior knowledge of astronomy is required. The pair of books covers all aspects of modern high energy astrophysics to the point where current research can be understood.


  • 1. Introduction - high energy astrophysics - two approaches
  • 2. Interaction of high energy particles with matter - I Ionisation losses
  • 3. Interaction of high energy particles with matter - II Electrons - ionisation losses and bremsstrahlung
  • 4. Interactions of high energy photons and electron-photon cascades
  • 5. Nuclear interactions
  • 6. Detectors for high energy particles, X-rays and g-rays
  • 7. Cosmic ray, X-ray, gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes
  • 8. Detectors and telescopes for optical, infrared, ultraviolet and radio astronomy
  • 9. Cosmic rays at the top of the atmosphere
  • 10. The solar wind and its influence on the local flux of cosmic rays
  • 11. The dynamics of charged particles in magnetic fields
  • 12. The solar system as an astrophysical environment.

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