Managing cities in austerity : urban fiscal stress in ten Western countries


Managing cities in austerity : urban fiscal stress in ten Western countries

edited by Poul Erik Mouritzen

(Urban innovation, v. 2)

Sage Publications, 1992

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Why are some cities going broke while others prosper? This study of the failures and successes of city management offers new insights into how to manage cities effectively in today's economic climate. Managing Cities in Austerity fills a major gap in the literature on urban policy-making and comparative public policy. The product of one of the largest comparative social science research projects ever undertaken, the Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation project, it maintains a genuinely comparative approach. An international team of authors applies a coherent set of concepts about fiscal austerity to over 2,500 local governments in ten Western countries. Most significantly, survey and hard fiscal data are merged not only at city but at national level.


Series Editors' Introduction - Terry Nichols ClarkPART ONE: THE CONTEXTIntroduction - Poul Erik MouritzenThe Structure of Local Government - Michael GoldsmithRT TWO THE FISCAL CRISIS AND ITS CAUSESWhat is a Fiscal Crisis? - Poul Erik MouritzenWas There a Fiscal Crisis? - Poul Erik Mouritzen and Kurt Houlberg NielsenFiscal Stress and Central-Local Relations - Harold Wolman et al The Critical Role of Government GrantsRT THREE LEADERS AND POLITICAL ENVIRONMENTSChoosing the Budget Size - Richard Balme Mayors' Spending Preferences in a Cross-National PerspectiveFiscal Stress and Local Political Environments - Harald BaldersheimRT FOUR RESPONSES TO FISCAL STRESSFiscal Changes and Policy Responses - Norman Walzer, Warren Jones and Hakon Magnusson A Comparison of Ten CountriesChoosing Fiscal Austerity Strategies - Norman Walzer et alMunicipal Employees and Personnel Policies - Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot A Comparison of Seven CountriesProfessional Management and Innovation - Stephen C BrooksRT FIVE PERSPECTIVESMoney, Politics or Structure? - Poul Erik Mouritzen and Ari Yl[um]onen

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