CASE : current practice, future prospects


CASE : current practice, future prospects

edited by Kathy Spurr, Paul Layzell

(Wiley professional computing)

J. Wiley, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references



Designed for the users of CASE tools, this volume examines the position of CASE in the software market. It focuses on practical issues faced by the user, in addition to providing a comparison of CASE tools and exploring the future utilization of CASE in second generation systems.


  • DESMET - Determining an Evaluation Methodology for Software Methods and Tools
  • Knowledge-Based CASE Tools for Database Design
  • Experience of Introducing a CASE Tool into Undergraduate Teaching of Systems Analysis and Design
  • The Quality Gap
  • A Real-Time CASE Tool
  • ISTEL Applications Architecture
  • Declarative Analysis in Information Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering Data Using an Integrated Toolset
  • A Comparative Review of the ISO IRDS, the IBM Repository and the ECMA PCTE as a Vehicle for CASE Tools
  • A Knowledge-Based Requirement Engineering Assistant
  • Second Generation CASE.

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