Human cancer : epidemiology and environmental causes


Human cancer : epidemiology and environmental causes

[edited by] John Higginson, Calum S. Muir, Nubia Muñoz

(Cambridge monographs on cancer research)

Cambridge University Press, 1992

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This important new reference book on human cancer provides a global picture of the epidemiology of cancer and its environmental causes. By summarising on a cancer-by-cancer basis geographical, environmental and ethical factors, the volume collates a wealth of information which, taken together, provides valuable insights into the causes of cancer and scope for its elimination and control. The contents include: (1) general epidemiological methods; (2) a review of known or suspected causes; (3) a detailed review of specific cancers; (4) a brief review of legal and ethical implications. The bibliography concentrates on recent key references and reviews.


  • Part I Epidemiological Methods
  • Part II. Causative Factors in Human Cancer
  • Part III. Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Part IV. Introduction: Total and Specific Site Epidemiology
  • Part V. Buccal Cavity
  • Part VI. Digestive System
  • Part VII. Respiratory System
  • Part VIII. Bone and Soft Tissue
  • Part IX. Skin
  • Part X. Breast and Genitourinary System
  • Part XI. Eye and Nervous System
  • Part XII. Thyroid and Other Endocrine Glands, Lymphoid and Hematopoietic System
  • Part XIII. Cancers in Children and Multiple Primary Cancers
  • Appendices.

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