Motivation, emotion, and goal direction in neural networks


Motivation, emotion, and goal direction in neural networks

edited by Daniel S. Levine, Samuel J. Leven

L. Erlbaum Associates, 1992

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Papers presented at a workshop held in Dallas, 1988, sponsored by the Metroplex Institute for Neural Dynamics

Includes bibliographies and indexes



The articles gathered in this volume represent examples of a unique approach to the study of mental phenomena: a blend of theory and experiment, informed not just by easily measurable laboratory data but also by human introspection. Subjects such as approach and avoidance, desire and fear, and novelty and habit are studied as natural events that may not exactly correspond to, but at least correlate with, some (known or unknown) electrical and chemical events in the brain.


Contents: Preface. Part I: Theories of Pavlovian Conditioning. M. Aparicio IV, P.N. Strong, Jr., Propagation Controls for True Pavlovian Conditioning. S. Grossberg, N. Schmajuk, D.S. Levine, Associative Learning and Selective Forgetting in a Neural Network Regulated by Reinforcement and Attentive Feedback. E.J. Kehoe, Versatility in Conditioning: A Layered Network Model. P.R. Killeen, Behavioral Geodesics. R. Ricart, Neuromodulatory Mechanisms in Neural Networks and Their Influence on Interstimulus Interval Effects in Pavlovian Conditioning. Part II: Complex Motivational-Cognitive Circuits in the Brain. J.P. Banquet, M. Smith, W. Guenther, Top-Down Processes, Attention, and Motivation in Cognitive Tasks. D. Hestenes, A Neural Network Theory of Manic-Depressive Illness. S.J. Leven, Learned Helplessness, Memory, and the Dynamics of Hope. D.S. Levine, S.J. Leven, P.S. Prueitt, Integration, Disintegration, and the Frontal Lobes. K. Pribram, Familiarity and Novelty: The Contributions of the Limbic Forebrain to Valuation and the Processing of Relevance. Part III: Applications of Goal Direction in Artificial Neural Systems. C.A. Cruz, Knowledge-Representation Networks: Goal Direction in Intelligent Neural Systems. R.L. Dawes, Perfect Memory.

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