Information, a resource for development : proceedings of the Forty-fifth FID Conference and Congress, held in Havana, Cuba, 19-22 September, 1990


Information, a resource for development : proceedings of the Forty-fifth FID Conference and Congress, held in Havana, Cuba, 19-22 September, 1990

edited by Ben G. Goedegebuure, Humberto R. Arango Sales, Gilberto Sotolongo Aguilar

(FID publication, 690)

Elsevier, 1991

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This volume looks at the strategic importance of information in a context of development. It deals with the concept of information for development in its most general sense, from the standpoint of both developed and developing countries. The papers focus on information for industry, the industrial process and enterprises, information for agriculture, information industry in today's world (considering the developments in the information industry), information and library services, new information technologies, and national and international information policies.


Inaugural Session. Welcome addresses (Dr. R.E.S. Negrin, H.A. Sales). Presidential Address: Information and the Development of Man (M.W. Hill). Information for Industry. Information for Industry and Information Marketing (J. Pontigo). Industrial Property: "Protection" and "Transgression" (V.M.R.H. de Araujo). Advantages of Using a Specialized Database on Brewing. The Experience of Central de Cervejas (M.L.D. Baracho). Information for Agriculture. Introduction of CD-ROM Technology in ACP Countries: Report of a CTA Project (J.H.W. Van Hartevelt). PROGEFIA: A Cooperative Effort toward the Strengthening of Education for Agricultural Information in the Less Developed Countries (M.J. Menou, T. Niang). Information Industry in Today's World. The Information Industry in Today's World: The Development and Growth of International Business Information (S.R.M. James). The Management of Information in Turbulent Contexts (E.I. Paulinyi et al.) Who Pays the Piper? Alternatives to the State and Commodity Models of Information Policy (K. Harris). Information and Library Services. Utilizing Videodisc Technology in Libraries: A Case Study of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Library (B. Burton, N. Wong). New Information Technologies. Technology Integration and Hypermedia/Multimedia Information Delivery (C.-C. Chen). Is Information Retrieval with Microcomputers Mini-Information Retrieval? (M. Jucquois-Delpierre). New Information Technology Developments and Applications (D. Raitt). A Short Introduction to Executive Information Systems (T. Kuhanen). National and International Information Policies. Scientific and Technical Information Activities in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (K.G. Sop). National Information Policies in Mexico (E.M. Campos). Strategies and Methods for the Development of National Information Systems in the Less Developed Countries (M.J. Menou). Scientific Information and Economic Policy Making (T. Foldi). Information People and Illiteracy. UNESCO's International Literacy Year 1990 and FID (Prof. Dipl.-Ing. P.P. Canisius). Subject Index.

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