Conflict behavior & linkage politics


Conflict behavior & linkage politics

edited by Jonathan Wilkenfeld

(Comparative studies of political life)

D. McKay Co, c1973

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Bibliography: p. 359-379


  • Conflict with out-groups and group structure / Lewis A. Coser
  • Theorizing across systems / James N. Rosenau
  • Dimensions of conflict behavior within and between nations / R. J. Rummel
  • Domestic and foreign conflict / Jonathan Wilkenfeld
  • The conflict environment of nations / Warren R. Phillips
  • Externalizing systemic stress / Leo A. Hazlewood
  • Societal development and international conflict / Michael Haas
  • Field theory and national-international linkages / Richard H. van Atta
  • Foreign conflict behavior and domestic disorder in Africa / John N. Collins
  • The strength and direction of relationships between domestic and external conflict and cooperation / Robert Burrowes and Bertram Spector
  • A linkage model of domestic conflict behavior / Jonathan Wilkenfeld and Diana A. Zinnes

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