Endogenous development and Southern Europe


Endogenous development and Southern Europe

edited by Gioacchino Garofoli

Avebury , Ashgate Pub. Co., c1992

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 223-240)



This study sets out a new approach to development stressing the role of territory and economic milieu in the modes of organization of production. The editors propose that local development should be based on local resources rather than the old way of attracting in external firms with financial incentives. All papers are written by Southern European academics it being here that endogenous patterns primarily function.


  • Endogenous development and South Europe - an introduction. Part 1 Local and regional development - a new approach: territory and economic development - the example of diffuse industrialization
  • local development and flexible accumulation - learning from history and policy
  • industrial districts - structure and transformation
  • environment and development in the backward regions of South Europe. Part 2 Endogenous patterns of development - the national cases: diffuse industrialization and small firms - the Italian pattern in the 1970s
  • local development and the regional state in Spain
  • development and the local productive spaces - study on the Ave Valle (Portugal)
  • intermediate regions and forms of social reproduction - three Greek cases. Part 3 Local development policies and strategies: local industrial policies in favour of small and medium-sized firms - the French case
  • local development initiatives under incipient regional autonomy - the Spanish experience in the 80s
  • autonomous development as a strategy for regional policy - a balance-sheet of Spanish experience with special reference to Andalusia
  • industrilization and endogenous development in Portugal - problems and perspectives
  • local structures and spatial policies in Greece.

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