The president as party leader


The president as party leader

James W. Davis

(Contributions in political science, no. 295)

Greenwood Press, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 213-219) and index



In spite of all that has been written on the U.S. presidency, no book before this has come forth in the 20th century on the president as party leader. A respected senior scholar, James W. Davis has studied the presidency for more than 40 years and has been on the campaign trail with candidates and incumbents and at national party meetings. He has written a lively text that is tailor-made for courses on the presidency, political parties, and elections. This is good reading for everyone who is interested in American government and politics and who wants to understand what makes a president a strong leader. This history and political analysis shows how presidents and political parties need each other and demonstrates why presidents must understand and be immersed in the political process to be effective. The text examines the emergence of the party leader through nominating and general election campaigns, presidential and congressional party interaction, eras of divided government, as well as the relationship between the president and the party's national committee. It also presents the role of the presidential party and of the president in his public roles and then discusses reforms that may strengthen the president as an executive and as a party leader.


Preface Introduction Emergence of Party Leader: Nominating and General Election Campaigns Presidential-Congressional Party Interaction Party Leader in an Era of Divided Government The President and the National Committee The Presidential Party The Public President Overshadows the Party President Proposed Institutional Reforms to Strengthen President's Hand Reassessing Presidential-Party Relations Selected Bibliography Index

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