Fundamentals of plant virology


Fundamentals of plant virology

R.E.F. Matthews

Academic Press, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 387-394) and index



Fundamentals of Plant Virology is an introductory student text covering all of modern plant virology. The author, Dr. R.E.F. Matthews, has written this coursebook based on his classic and comprehensive Plant Virology, Third Edition. Four introductory chapters review properties of viruses and cells and techniques used in their study. Five chapters are devoted to current knowledge of all major plant viruses and related pathogens. Seven chapters describe biological properties such as transmission, host response, disease, ecology, control, classification, and evolution of plant viruses. A historical and future overview concludes the text. Fundamentals of Plant Virology is a carefully designed instructional format for a plant virology course. It is also an invaluable resource for students of plant pathology and plant molecular biology.


What Are Viruses?: Viruses and Cells Compared. Definition of a Virus. Principal Techniques For the Study of Virus Particle and Genome Structure: Structure of Virus Particles. The Structure of Viral Genomes. Amino Acid Sequences in Viral Proteins. mRNAS. Introduction of an Artificial DNA Step into the Life Cycle of RNA Plant Viruses. Transgenic Plants. The Polymerase Chain Reaction. Serological Methods in Plant Virology: The Basis for Serological Tests. Methods for Detecting Antibody-Virus Combination. Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbS). Serological Methods in the Study of Virus Structure. Assay and Purification of Viruse Particles: Assay. Purification. Virus Structure: Physical Principles in the Architecture of Small Viruses. Examples of Plant Viruses with Different Kinds of Architecture. Interaction Between RNA and Protein in Small Isometric Viruses. Introduction to the Study of Virus Replication: General Properties of Plant Viral Genomes. Host Functions Used by Plant Viruses. Generalized Outline for the Replication of a Small SS Positive Sense RNA Virus. Methods for Determining Genome Structure and Strategy. The Regulation of Virus Production. Experimental Systems for Studying Viral Replication in Vivo. Errors in Virus Replication. Replication of Viruses with SS Positive Sense RNA Genomes: The Potyvirus Group. The Potexvirus Group. The Tobamovirus Group. The Tymovirus Group. The Comovirus Group. The Bromovirus Group. The Tobravirus Group. Replication of Other Virus Groups and Families: Caulimovirus Group. Geminivirus Group. Plant Reoviridae. Plant Rhabdoviridae. Plant Bunyaviridae. Small Nucleic Acid Molecules that Cause or Modify Disease: Viroids. Satellite Viruses and Satellite RNAs. Defective Interfering Particles. Transmission, Movement and Host Range. Direct Passage in Living Plant Material. Transmission by Organisms Other than Higher Plants. Mechanical Transmission. Movement and Final Distribution in the Plant. The Molecular Basis for Host Range. Discussion and Summary. Host Plant Responses to Virus Infection: The Kinds of Host Response to Inoculation with a Virus. The Responses of Susceptible Hosts. The Responses of Resistant Hosts. The Role of Viral Genes in the Induction of Systemic Disease. Processes Involved in Disease Induction. Factors Influencing the Course of Infection and Disease. Summary and Discussion. Variability: Isolation of Strains. The Molecular Basis for Variation. Criteria for the Recognition of Strains. Virus Strains in the Plant. Discussion and Summary. Relationships Between Plant Viruses and Invertebrates: Vector Groups. Nematodes (Nematoda). Aphids (Aphididae). Leafhoppers and Planthoppers (Auchenorrhyncha). Insects with Biting Mouthparts. Other Vector Groups. Pollinating Insects. Ecology: Biological Factors. Physical Factors. Survival Through the Seasonal Cycle. Conclusion. Economic Importance and Control: Economic Importance. Diagnosis. Control Measures. Nomenclature, Classification, Origins and Evolution: Nomenclature. Classification. Speculation on Origins. Evolution. Genome and Amino Acid Sequence Similarities Between Viruses Infecting Plants and Animals. Future Prospects for Plant Virology: A Brief Look at the Past. Towards the 21st Century. Index.

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