Managing a foreign exchange department : a manual of effective practice


Managing a foreign exchange department : a manual of effective practice

edited by Rudi Weisweiller

Quorum, 1991

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The purpose of this book is to help bankers in their task of establishing, developing, and supervising foreign exchange departments. The essays included provide insightful and explanatory comments of a general nature in an area where no two institutions are likely to have similar needs or opportunities. The scarcity of books on foreign exchange departments is largely due to this diversity. Rudi Weisweiller's edited collection will appeal to the bankers who want to collaborate closely and successfully with personnel in foreign exchange departments and also to those actually engaged in the day-to-day work of those departments. This is partly a book for foreign exchange dealers and partly a book about them. Each contributor to this book is experienced and still active in the field of foreign exchange. Their accumulated experience has led to this knowledgeable volume, which will be useful to present and future practitioners as a general overview of the foreign exchange department in the modern financial institution.


Preface The Role of the Foreign Exchange Department by Geoffrey Morris The Dealing Room and the Dealer by Michael Feeny and John Brooks Guidelines for the Professional Dealer by John Cooper The Establishment of Dealing Limits and the Relevant Control Systems by Bernard Furlonger The Money Desk: Functions, Risks, and Limits by Rudolph Duttweiller Money Brokers by Michael Phelan Financial Futures by Margaret Littlejohns and Paul O'Hanlon Keeping the Books of the Foreign Exchange Department by Geoffrey Field Currency Options by Adam Parkes The European Monetary System and the ECU by Richard Comotto Interest Rate Swaps by Richard Comotto Appendix: The External Audit of International Banks by Paresh Mashau and Stephen Kinsley Index

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