Compliance ideologies : rethinking political culture


Compliance ideologies : rethinking political culture

Richard W. Wilson

Cambridge University Press, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 209-219) and index



Originally published in 1992, this book is about political culture. It examines developments in the social sciences and integrates them into a theoretical explanation of historical changes in political values. The starting point is the premise that political culture is rooted in the interaction between individual thinking and social norms. Through discourse, individual conceptions of social life are transformed and, interactively, social norms and cultural orientations as well. The first two parts of the book explore these issues theoretically. The second two examine them empirically by showing the ways that political cultures have changed over time. In the modern period the differences in the political cultures of capitalist and communist systems are contrasted; although both coneptualize social life in terms of property accumulation, they utilize different cultural orientations to reduce institutional transaction costs. The way the tensions between these two systems can be resolved is also explored.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I. Compliance Ideologies: 1. Political culture as ideology
  • Part II. Theoretical Issues: 2. Psychological limits
  • 3. Phases of development
  • 4. Contractual and positional compliance
  • Part III. Compliance in Changing Societies: 5. The end of harmony
  • 6. Equality and the technobility
  • Part IV. Change in Compliance Ideologies: 7. Equality and conflict
  • 8. Utopian visions
  • Selected bibliography
  • Index.

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