Empire and sexuality : the British experience


Empire and sexuality : the British experience

Ronald Hyam

(Studies in imperialism / general editor, John M. MacKenzie)

Manchester University Press , St. Martin's Press [distributor], c1991

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Established in the belief that imperialism as a cultural phenomenon had as significant an effect on the dominant as it did on the subordinate societies, the "Studies in Imperialism" series seeks to develop the new socio-cultural approach which has emerged through cross-disciplinary work on popular culture, media studies, art history, the study of education and religion, sports history and children's literature. The cultural emphasis embraces studies of migration and race, while the older political, and constitutional, economic and military concerns are never far away. It incorporates comparative work on European and American empire-building, with the chronological focus primarily, though not exclusively, on the 19th and 20th centuries, when these cultural exchanges were most powerfully at work. This work explores the sexual attitudes and activities of those who ran the British Empire. The study explains the pervasive importance of sexuality in the Victorian Empire, both for individuals and as a general dynamic in the working of the system. Among the topics included in the book are prostitution, the manners and mores of missionaries and aspects of race in sexual behaviour. -- .


  • Problems and approaches
  • sexual imperatives
  • the British home-base
  • empire and sexual opportunity
  • sexual life of the Raj
  • prostitution and purity
  • chastity and the colonial service
  • missionary confrontations
  • conclusion - race, sex and empire.

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  • Studies in imperialism

    general editor, John M. MacKenzie

    Manchester University Press , Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press