English poetry of the seventeenth century


English poetry of the seventeenth century

George Parfitt

(Longman literature in English series)

Longman, 1992

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Provides a comprehensive and entertaining account of the vitality and variety of achievement in seventeenth-century English poetry. Revised and up-dated throughout, Dr Parfitt has added new material on poets as varied as Marvell and Traherne. There is also a completely new chapter on women poets of the seventeenth century which considers the significant contributions of writers such as Katherine Philips and Margaret Cavendish. The proven quality and success of Dr Parfitt's survey makes this the essential companion for the teacher and student of seventeenth-century verse.


  • PART 1: The lyric: the significance of Donne and Jonson
  • some versions of "Cavalier"
  • restoration lyric
  • religious lyric. PART 2: The poetry of place: country, country-house, and erotic topography - to Andrew Marvell, Denham and Cotton - city and country.PART 3: Poems of occasion: types of praise - Jonson to Cotton
  • funereal verse for private figures - to Milton and Dryden
  • funereal verse for public figures - to Cotton and Dryden
  • types of praise - Daniel to Marvell. PART 4: Satire: Cleveland, Rump and "Painter" poems
  • the restoration - Oldham and Rochester
  • the restoration - Butler and Dryden. PART 5: The epic: history and epic - Drayton and Daniel
  • towards epic - Fletchers, Davenant, and Cowley
  • Milton and epic. PART 6: Poetry by women.

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