Advanced legal strategies for buying and selling computers and software


    • Davidson, Duncan M.
    • Davidson, Jean A. (Jean Ann)


Advanced legal strategies for buying and selling computers and software

Duncan M. Davidson, Jean A. Davidson

Wiley, c1986

  • 1986 cumulative supplement

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"A Ronald Press publication."

Kept up to date by supplements

Includes bibliographical references and index



ISBN 9780471807766


This book is about advanced strategies for buying and selling computers and software. It presents legal, tax and business advice, along with strategies which have been tried and found to work. Also presented are arguments which are important to appreciate because case law has not caught up with legal practice yet. Negotiating strategies for dealing with many issues are also provided. What this book offers is something practitioners cannot get except through years of experience or the lucky association with one of the few highly- knowledgeable computer law practitioners: the tricks of the trade, the black art of practice, the underlying philosophies and attitudes that lead to successful representation of clients.

1986 cumulative supplement ISBN 9780471850021


This supplement completely updates the main volume with regard to law changes and strategies. Major developments discussed in the Supplement include: an additional perspective on advanced strategies; an outline of the effects of the 1986 Tax Reform; an explanation of 'second generation' copyright cases; the worsening situation for vendors attempting to limit their liability; the improving situation for discharge of employees; the turn-around in interpretation of 'works made for hire'; the slow movement on shrink-wrap licenses; and the quickening movement with respect to overseas protection of software.

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